James S. Higdon, Esq.
Established our firm in 1990. He is Sheridan's President and a member of the Maryland Bar. He  has specialized in real estate transactions, both residential and commercial for the last 30 years. He has overseen or personally closed in excess of 25,000 settlements since he first began his real estate practice in the late ‘70s.  Mr. Higdon has also practiced generally in the areas of civil litigation, criminal defense, estate planning and family law.

Giselle M. Gleason
Is Sheridan’s Vice-President and Director of
Operations.  Giselle is the company’s trouble shooter,
“go-to” person and problem solver and has been associated with Sheridan for over 18 years.  Prior to that, she was an active real estate agent for 10 years.
heridan Title, Inc.
We at Sheridan Title have nearly a century’s worth of combined experience in real estate settlement services.  Real estate law and
practice has evolved considerably over the years and has become increasingly technical and regulated.  But familiarity with technicalities
and regulations is only part of the story.  Actual experience with the closing itself is the rest of the story and is critical to a successful conclusion to a process that may have begun may weeks earlier with house hunting or making loan application.  Certainly not every issue or problem is amenable to mere reference to a rule or regulation and can often be resolved only by reference to experience instead.  Having  prepared for and personally conducted many thousands of settlements over the years, we at Sheridan bring to the closing transaction not only our “book” knowledge but our considerable practicable experience as well.  We’ve seen and solved virtually every problem and helped make settlement day a good day for all concerned.

Our goal is to provide big company support with small company service to insure client satisfaction.  After all, we’re consumers too, and are inevitably appreciative when our needs are met and our expectations exceeded.  Satisfied customers are the reason Sheridan Title has remained viable and busy since it opened for business over 20 years ago.  Our experienced staff of knowledgeable title and closing professionals is dedicated to the goal of insuring that our services are second to none and that your real estate transactions are handled with the utmost care and competency and that each of our clients receive one-on-one attention throughout the entire title and closing process.
The Team:
That comprises the entire Sheridan
organization is committed to providing our clients
not only with the benefits of our many decades
of knowledge and experience, but, with personalized customer service as well.  Whether you are buying, seller or refinancing residential or commercial real estate, our staff will ensure that your transactions are handled professionally and that you are kept timely informed as to all matters requiring your attention.
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